Board Members

President:  Liqun Xu                                
Vice President: Fang Shu
Immediate Past President: Irene Yu
Secretary: Andy Liaw
Treasurers:  Sophia Chen, George Hicks (ex’ficio)
Librarians:  Bo Cao, Margaret Zhu    
Community Outreach (Presidential Volunteer Service): Sung Park
Media: Sophia Chen, Yingduo Gao, Sung Park
Hospitality:  Kathy Chen

President of the Bravura Philharmonic:  Arlene Sengstack

Trustees of the Bravura Philharmonic and Bravura Youth Orchestra:
Wen Bash, Saverio Greco, Dr. George Hicks, Courtney Lin Kaita,   Paul von Autenried

Sophia Chen, Treasurer

Sophia Chen studied Chinese literature and secondary education.  With six years of public school teaching experience, Sophia now teaches Chinese at Central Jersey public high school and a weekend heritage Chinese school.  Sophia is enthusiastic about helping students to learn and master Chinese, a significant twenty-first century world language.

Sophia’s love for the arts grew during her college year.  Living in Taipei, the cultural center of Taiwan, has given her the privilege to experience prestigious performances, concerts, and exhibitions.   Sophia indulged herself in numerous art performances at that time.  She continues to be passionate about music and the arts since. 

Sophia is delighted to see both her daughter and son grow musically with the youth orchestra.  Music has brought great joy to the whole family.